TR-069 Device Management

The Incognito Digital Experience Solution offers a unified platform to remotely manage in-premise networks and devices, resolve subscriber connectivity issues, and launch new services into the connected home using a robust Auto Configuration Server (ACS) with User Services Platform (USP) support.


Reduce the complexity of remotely managing broadband devices


Challenges faced by service providers

Complexity in the home Wi-Fi network is at an all-time high with an increasing number of devices, all serving up voice, video, and data services, sharing the same broadband connection. This presents significant challenges to service providers responsible for ensuring a quality broadband experience. 

Incognito i

Incognito's solution

Incognito's solution features a vendor-agnostic, massively scalable Auto Configuration Server, supporting TR-069, TR-369, SNMP, and MQTT protocols, as well as USP controllers, to manage and monitor any device over any network, including fiber, cable, fixed wireless, and xDSL.

Business Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage

With Incognito's Digital Experience solution, service providers can effectively monitor and automate the management of CPE devices remotely using a scalable and robust platform to proactively manage broadband service quality, improve customer experience, and reduce operational costs.

Incognito customers have seen:

reduction in CSR call handling times

reduction in truck rolls

Improved quality of experience for customers

Lower operational costs


By digitizing and performing remote interactions of call center agents to home broadband users, the Incognito solution will make it easier for service agents to help our customers resolve their problems and continue to enjoy Globe At Home services.

– VP at Globe Telecom

Why choose Incognito for your remote device management needs


Full device management capabilities

  • Simplify device provisioning and lifecycle management with advanced troubleshooting, device monitoring, and bulk operation capabilities, including automated firmware updates, to avoid truck rolls and reduce operational costs.

KPI Analytics and Data Collection

  • Incognito’s KPI analytics module collects device performance data from across the network in near real-time to enable proactive care, remote diagnostics, and service optimization.

Subscriber self-care widgets

  • Self-care widgets that easily integrate into existing customer portal or applications empower subscribers and field technicians to diagnose and resolve technical problems to improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer care operations

  • Reduce call handling times (AHT), increase first-call resolution rates, and minimize truck rolls by empowering customer support teams with the tools to automate the identification and troubleshooting of service issues.

Manage the connected home with USP

  • Incognito’s solution features User Services Platform support enabling operators to take full advantage of the TR-369 protocol and devices to supercharge the broadband experience and deploy new revenue-generating smart home services, such as Wi-Fi optimization and security suites.

Service quality manager for proactive care

  • Proactively measure broadband service quality with speed and latency testing to ensure customer experience and SLA adherence. Validate connection quality through on-demand or scheduled campaigns, gain insights into individual device diagnostics and network-wide trends, and satisfy regulatory compliance testing needs.