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The Modern Rules of Prepaid Service Enablement

Download this eBook to understand the six rules of prepaid service enablement and how they can help service providers to successfully launch new prepaid services for fixed broadband.

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Incognito Prepaid OSS

How to boost customer loyalty by launching prepaid for fixed broadband using your existing B/OSS.

Launching a prepaid service requires some fundamental B/OSS processes. The fact that it is prepaid can help reduce the complexity involved, but that is not to say that you do not need to consider all elements carefully.

Ultimately, the best solution is one that can be put into place with little to no support and maintenance. When the solution is launched, if it only requires changes to the product catalog, then you are winning. You should only have to add new service offerings or change your current ones.

So, how can you accomplish this? Download the Incognito eBook on what to consider when launching prepaid services.


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Incognito Prepaid Solution

Incognito’s productized prepaid solution enables service providers to launch complex prepaid and on-demand broadband services and drive new revenue while avoiding costly OSS changes.

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Incognito Prepaid eBook

How Prepaid can Ease Your Pain

Download this eBook to learn why prepaid for fixed broadband services is your best bet to keeping your customers happy and generating new revenue.

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