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Telecoms-logo-1 Annual Industry Survey 2022

New perspectives on how the telecom industry views new evolutions of broadband service delivery and network automation.

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Industry Report: Broadband Service Management

For operators in the telecoms industry, the pressure is on to effectively manage their networks and reduce operational costs while simultaneously delivering an optimal customer experience. The need for this has become even more pressing with the investment into new 5G FWA and fiber technologies to deliver next-generation services.

With this in mind, the 2022 edition of the Annual Industry Survey, sponsored by Incognito, takes a comprehensive look into the telecoms landscape investigating how operators are approaching the challenge of managing the growing demand for broadband services and identifying best practices for managing the transition to next-generation networks successfully. As highlighted in Incognito's section of the report, it's clear that operators are turning to network automation and integrated systems to improve customer experience and reduce costs. Yet there are still many challenges standing in their way including legacy systems coupled with technology silos.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey:

  • Legacy infrastructure is considered the largest barrier to automated zero-touch services
  • A quarter of respondents use separate systems to provide access and manage devices at customer premises for their FTTx or FWA services
  • More than two in five respondents use a centralized OSS across multiple access networks
  • More than half of respondents report their operational and maintenance processes are only partially automated with their systems executing specific, repetitive tasks

You can download the report and see the details and analyses behind these headline findings and much more. In addition, we have included the full survey results in the report as an Appendix, for your easy reference.