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Service Activation:
How to Make it Simple

Download this eBook to understand the three biggest challenges impacting service fulfillment and how operators can overcome them to improve OPEX and increase customer satisfaction.

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Achieving Automated Service Delivery

Today's subscribers want lightning-fast services right at their fingertips—and it all starts with the "going live" of the service.

Service activation should be simple. Service providers send the service to be configured and the service activation solution provisions it. Sounds simple, right? However, enabling a smooth deployment of new products and services isn't always so easy.

Incognito is a leading expert in service activation for broadband networks and services, and we have designed this eBook to provide a contemporary view of the provisioning domain, highlight some of the technical challenges operators face with legacy service activation systems, and what's needed to improve the fulfillment process of complex IP services across fiber, cable, or DSL.

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Incognito Tech Talk

Incognito CTIO, Pete Koat, discusses how service providers are modernizing their operations to accelerate the delivery of fiber-based services.

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Incognito Solution Overview

Incognito's turnkey orchestration solution automates service fulfillment, activation, and diagnostics for fiber-based services with minimal impact on existing OSS.

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