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See Faster M&A Results with Support from Incognito

Incognito's integrated suite of productized platforms help service providers deliver new compelling offers, onboard customers faster, and shorten the order to cash interval.

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Driving real value from a merger or an acquisition depends on timely, frictionless integration and orchestration

Network Connection

Introducing efficiencies

Gain service agility with automation and reduce OPEX by consolidating operations.

Single Dashboard

Accuracy, control, and customization

Safeguard existing customers and drive ARPU with robust service fulfillment.


Automation and simplification

Closed-loop automation is vital to scale and improve network operations.

Integration is our expertise, and we understand the operational implications of system activation and provisioning.

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming increasingly prevalent in the telecom space as evolving technologies, growing consumer demands, and rapid societal and market changes are pushing operators to extend their networks and diversify their assets. However, operators in these situations often face significant challenges when integrating new technologies, innovating around multi-play services that span multiple broadband access technologies, like fiber and fixed wireless, and dealing with siloed "swivel chair" processes.

To help service providers compete more effectively in the market, Incognito offers an integrated suite of productized platforms for service fulfillment and remote device management that accelerates return on investment and gives operators complete control over their services.

This eBook explores how Incognito's broadband orchestration solutions can help you see a quicker ROI on M&A projects by providing the technology and support you need to make integrations as seamless as possible.