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Revolutionizing the Broadband Market with 5G Fixed Wireless Access Device Management

New perspectives on the global 5G fixed broadband market and operational strategies to achieve success.

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Industry Report: 5G Fixed Wireless Access

The emergence of 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology presents new opportunities to operators in terms of delivering broadband access to more users, especially in areas where fiber deployment is too expensive or where ARPU is too low, and offer next-gen services with faster speeds and ultra-low latency – at a fraction of the cost. Today, not only is 5G network technology available but so too are the necessary devices that are critical to activating and enabling new services, applications, and deployment scenarios.

Incognito has published a report that explores the global outlook for 5G FWA services, the commercial opportunities offered by this technology, and the operational strategies needed to drive quality of experience for customers. Being able to turn up network resources quickly, remotely monitor and manage millions of devices, as well as deliver high-level service quality and subscriber experiences are critical to being successful in the 5G market. Key points covered in the report include:

  • Where operators see the most significant opportunities to monetize 5G FWA
  • How to overcome the challenges and complexities of onboarding, configuring, monitoring, and managing multi-vendor devices remotely
  • Why automated device lifecycle management and data collection is critical to successfully deploy and manage 5G FWA networks, reduce OPEX, and improve the end-user experience