Optimize DHCP: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Existing Investment

Take Broadband Command Center to the Next Level.

Are you making the most of your Broadband Command Center investment?

If you're relying on homegrown solutions or poorly integrated add-ons to manage DHCP lease data, fraud, or firmware updates, you may not be maximizing the available efficiencies that Broadband Command Center provides. Worse yet, you could actually contribute to extra strain on the DHCP service.

Download this guide to learn about three ways you can boost network efficiencies without increasing OPEX using the latest extensions for Broadband Command Center:

  1. Centralized Leases: A central repository of DHCP lease data that lets you map IP address to MAC address (and vice versa) in an instant
  2. Fraud Management: A simple way to easily identify, inspect, and block fraudulent devices from accessing your network
  3. Firmware Management: Automates one of the most complex aspects of device management with an end-to-end update process