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How Prepaid can Ease Your Pain

Download this eBook to learn why prepaid for fixed broadband services is your best bet to keeping your customers happy and generating new revenue.

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Drive new Revenue and Attract new Customers with Prepaid for Fixed Broadband

Like any good business, communication service providers (CSPs) are always searching for new ways to increase average revenue per user (ARPU). However, a significant challenge many operators face when generating new revenue is subscribers either turn down service enhancements that aren’t affordable, or they may decide they don’t need anything beyond their current subscription and become a static source of revenue.

In order to gain more revenue from their existing subscriber base and tap into new customer segments, many operators are turning to prepaid for fixed broadband services. By giving customers direct access to internet or data services, operators have the opportunity to gain revenue above and beyond what regular service contracts can offer and attract new customers.

Download the Incognito eBook on how prepaid services can ease your pain to learn more.

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Incognito Prepaid Solution

Incognito’s productized prepaid solution enables service providers to launch complex prepaid and on-demand broadband services and drive new revenue while avoiding costly OSS changes.

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The Modern Rules of Prepaid Service Enablement

Download this eBook to understand the six rules of prepaid service enablement and how they can help service providers to successfully launch new prepaid services for fixed broadband.

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