How a Multi-play Operator Supercharged their Fiber Launch Timeline

Discover how a Caribbean-based Tier 1 service provider was able to accelerate to launch of IP-based data, voice, and video services over fiber.

The rollout of fiber to deliver new IP-based services introduces new complexities to OSS/BSS platforms. What if there was an easier way to meet customer demand for new high-speed services without having to conduct expensive and time-consuming upgrades to legacy operational and business systems?

See how Incognito’s turnkey solution helped a service provider accelerate and scale fiber-based service introduction by integrating seamlessly with their existing OSS/BSS to deliver next-generation gigabit experience to their customers. Download the case study to learn more about the business challenges faced by the operator, why Incognito was selected to help and the benefits our solution provided, including:

  • Meeting aggressive time-to-market demands
  • Quickly monetizing fiber investment
  • Scaling operations
Incognito_Case Study_How-a-Multi-play-Operator-Supercharged-their-Fiber-Launch-Timeline