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The Future of the Connected Home

New perspectives on how broadband service providers are approaching the connected home and smart home services.


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Navigating the Future of the Connected Home

The latest findings around USP, smart home services, and the connected home

The connected home landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with consumers demanding more advanced services and always higher speeds. To get a current perspective on plans and challenges for service providers, Incognito stepped up as a key sponsor of the 2023 Future of the Connected Home industry survey, developed by Omdia in conjunction with Broadband Forum.

This year's survey includes responses from 111 service providers across twenty-four countries, complemented by in-depth interviews with executives from Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia.

The 2023 research provided insight into several specific areas of interest:

  • Certain broadband VAS are now seen as "table stakes," but they still need to evolve. Broadband value-added services, such as Wi-Fi management, troubleshooting, and parental controls, are now deemed fundamental by broadband providers. They present new opportunities for revenue but need ongoing refinement to stay relevant.
  • The broadband speed test is becoming a vital tool for service providers. Most service providers are integrating speed test tools into their consumer apps to enable proactive diagnostics/analytics and enhance their service level agreements.
  • Application prioritization is a key area of future investment. Application prioritization and use cases, such as online gaming and working from home, are seen by service providers as interesting potential new areas of revenue growth.
  • Open-source frameworks and industry standards are key to this success. 85% of operators have stated they have already deployed the User Services Platform standard or planned to within the next 6-18 months – viewing it as a key tool for optimizing Wi-Fi and delivering new broadband value-added services.

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