Five Tactics to Enhance Revenue Assurance on Your Network

How to implement OSS processes that protect existing revenue streams and generate new profit.

Every year, communication service providers face billions of dollars in lost revenue. Data misalignment, service catalog or orchestration errors, human oversight, and service theft affect providers in every region — even if you don’t realise it.

This guide outlines five tactical approaches that service providers can use to improve revenue assurance by implementing secure, end-to-end OSS processes to block revenue leakage, proactively avoid order fallout, and increase strategies for generating new profits.

Covered inside the guide:

  • What processes can be automated on your network for greater efficiency and accuracy
  • Why configurability is essential for service fulfilment and staying competitive
  • How standards compliance can reduce confusion and errors between departments
  • What mechanisms are available to improve security and combat service theft
  • Why legacy OSS/BSS could be holding you back from even greater revenues