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What to Look for in a Fiber Service and Resource Orchestration Solution

In order for telcos to capitalize on their fiber investments, they need a higher degree of automation from back-office systems to address fiber fulfillment, provisioning, activation, and device management.

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Implementing Zero-touch Provisioning for FTTx Services

Network Connection

Ability to enhance existing B/OSS systems

How easy is it to introduce new vendors, use cases, and services to the network?

Single Dashboard

Unified platform addressing connectivity, service activation, and customer care

Does it improve internal processes, and can it address the needs of multiple stakeholders?


Deliver clear ROI value

What kind of operational efficiencies and cost savings can be expected?

Increase automation across the access network with device management and fiber activation

As telecom operators continue to invest more in fiber to build robust FTTx networks and pursue fiber deep strategies, they see clear benefits, including offering new advanced IP services, boosting network performance, and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

However, with this growth comes the challenge of efficiently and cost-effectively orchestrating fixed broadband services and resources. The demands of efficiently managing new and existing fiber customers call for a higher degree of automation from back-office systems. This is why operators need a holistic solution that addresses fiber fulfillment, provisioning, activation, and device management – automatically.

This FAQ guide offers product, market, and competitive knowledge to help you evaluate the best solution to orchestrate and manage your fiber network. Download this asset now to learn more about:

  • What are the key questions you should be asking as you progress through the decision-making process for which vendor to work with
  • What features are most important in order to be successful when it comes to introducing zero-touch provisioning for FTTx services
  • How Incognito’s DX Activate solution can meet your needs