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An Incognito Fact Sheet

Discover how Incognito is helping service providers who are receiving FCC broadband funding meet performance testing compliance with automated and industry-proven remote device management.

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FCC Connect America Funding

Incognito Software Systems Inc. Compliance Overview

Many US service providers are tapping into regulatory funding to extend broadband access across the country, including FCC CAF-II (Connect America Fund), A-CAM (Alternative-Connect America Model), RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund), RBE (Rural Broadband Experiments), Alaska plan, and New NY Broadband. However, in exchange for receiving government funding participating service providers need to meet network performance requirements. Beginning in 2020, service providers will need to validate speed and latency performance by collecting this information via weekly tests.

Service providers unable to meet compliance standards risk losing monthly funding – a potentially devastating consequence to smaller operators relying on this funding for service expansion.

Read this overview to learn:

  • What is required as part of the FCC's speed and latency performance measurements
  • The pros and cons of using a hardware-based solution vs. a standards-based TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server (ACS)
  • Why automated remote device management is key to accurately measuring residential subscribers’ service quality
  • How Incognito's out-of-the-box FCC speed and latency regulatory test solution helps service providers meet regulatory requirements