The industry's most complete DOCSIS provisioning solution

Incognito's Broadband Command Center is the industry's leading independent DOCSIS provisioning solution offering end-to-end device provisioning, management, and multi-standard support, including DOCSIS, PacketCable, CableLabs, and DPoX, in a single platform.


Future-proof your operations

Ensure your operations are future-proofed and DOCSIS 4.0 ready with Incognito’s solution, backed by our continued investment in research and development and involvement in the standards community.


Reduce spend

Reduce costs with extreme scalability and distributed architecture on virtualized hardware to support network expansion and efficient use of resources with a reliable carrier-grade platform.


Flexibility and growth

Incognito’s solution enables greater flexibility through open APIs and vendor neutrality so that you can choose the devices and technology that works best for your network.

Incognito customers have seen:

Accelerated rollout of triple-play services

Single platform for service fulfillment and provisioning

Improved quality of experience for customers

Lower operational costs


Incognito is part of our digital-first transformation strategy that aims to seamlessly automate subscriber services and proactively manage CPE devices, enabling us to solidify our reputation as the leading broadband service provider in our markets.

– President of Atlantic Broadband

Why choose Incognito for your DOCSIS needs


Keep subscribers satisfied, accelerate service uptake, and reduce churn.

  • Ensure rapid and reliable device provisioning with dynamic configuration and management spanning any access network technology, including HFC and DPoX, regardless of device type or vendor, from a single system.

Streamline workflows with automated configuration file generation and analytical tools.

  • Automate DOCSIS configuration file management to improve latency and high reliability. Dynamically generates configuration files and removes the need to track and store large numbers of static files.

Extreme scalability to support network expansion and efficient use of resources.

  • With Incognito’s high availability, fully redundant, and distributed DHCP deployment, operators can support millions of subscriber devices and avoid the risk of service disruptions that impact customer experience.

Standards alignment.

  • Multi-standard support, including DOCSIS, PacketCable, CableLabs, and DPoX, in a single software platform.

DOCSIS firmware management.

  • Simplify the end-to-end firmware orchestration process for DOCSIS devices. Improve your operational efficiency with sophisticated automation for firmware management.

High-performance DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 support.

  • Simultaneously reports packet counters for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6, allowing operators to monitor and troubleshoot their network for IPv4 and IPv6 through a single interface.