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Telco Republic Disrupter Quintant for NG-TOBS

Incognito named Niche Innovator in Telco Republic’s Disrupter Quintant for Next-Generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems.

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Disrupter Quintant for Next-Generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems (NG-TOBS)

Industry report examining vendors’ ability to disrupt the traditional B/OSS market.

Telco Republic has named Incognito Software Systems a niche innovator in its recent Disrupter Quintant report for Next-generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems (NG-TOBS). The report assesses several vendors on their ability to disrupt the traditional OSS and BSS market by enabling communication service providers (CSPs) to transition to next-generation operations and business support infrastructures.

Why Incognito Stands Out

Incognito Software Systems is paving the way for CSPs to embrace the future of B/OSS. Our innovative approach is designed to streamline the critical transition to next-generation infrastructures, ensuring CSPs stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market. Among the notable differentiators of Incognito include:

  • Standards-based Solutions: Incognito differentiates itself with the use of an event-driven architecture, no-code abstraction of service provisioning processes, and open APIs to reduce integration overhead.
  • Customer Impact: Incognito builds longstanding, collaborative relationships by offering forward-looking guidance and advice to help customers on their transformation journey.
  • Product Innovation: Incognito has a solid track record of assisting CSPs in innovating and achieving a competitive edge using its NG-TOBS solutions.

The Disrupter Quintant Report: A Testament to Innovation

Published annually, the 2023 Telco Republic Disrupter Quintant report offers a comprehensive assessment of thirteen software and/or services vendors, including Incognito, that specialize in innovation and disruption in the emerging NG-TOBS market across ten criteria spanning strategy and execution. All vendors assessed vary in solutions scope, go-to-market strategy, and market presence and can support CSPs to meet future challenges. The Telco Republic report includes recommendations for CSPs as they transform their NG-TOBS systems and practices.

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