Simplify DOCSIS 3.1 Provisioning to
Decrease New Services Time-To-Market

Fulfill the Promise of Improved Latency and High Reliability
with Dynamic DOCSIS Configuration File Management

The consumer demand for greater service efficiency and improved flexibility continues to gain traction, and cable service providers are turning to DOCSIS 3.1 to help stay competitive. Updating the HFC plant to increase downstream capacity and lower network latency are the primary goals of DOCSIS 3.1, but infrastructure upgrades are only a starting point. 

Download this Use Case to discover how you can:

  • Quickly deploy DOCSIS 3.1 to reduce latency and improve network reliability
  • Manage multiple versions of DOCSIS while completing infrastructure upgrades
  • Significantly simplify DOCSIS configuration changes
  • Reduce OPEX and deploy new services faster 
  • Rapidly recover from network maintenance outages

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