How a Cable MSO Revamped Their Operations to Support Fiber

Discover how a South American-based cable MSO was able to modernize operations and support their fiber rollout by leveraging Incognito's solution.

How a cable MSO revamped their operations to support fiber

In order to launch and manage new IP-based services over fiber, cable MSOs require an end-to-end OSS solution that streamlines service fulfillment, device provisioning, and service activation to boost time-to-market for new service rollout and improve operations.

For one CALA-based fixed-line operator, Incognito was deployed to automate service fulfillment and activation and introduce a zero-touch approach to device provisioning over fiber. Download the case study to learn more about the business challenges faced by the operator, why Incognito was selected to help, and the benefits our solution provided, including:

  • Enabling catalog-driven automated service fulfillment
  • Reduce the risk of service outages
  • Improving device management


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